A Songdrop Mix Tape | July 2014

Just like this time one month ago, I've picked 5 songs each from YoutubeSoundcloud, & Bandcamp gems and assembled them all in an order that sounds good to these ears in the player below (or if you prefer, you can jump over on Songdrop, or you can even download the Songdrop app and listen on that little computer in your pocket that you use to screen phone calls from your mom).

So press play on (probably) my favourite track off the excellent Baker EP I blogged about last week and then don't go looking for anything else to listen to until Geotic lets your hand go (and in between those you'll hear: new tracks from Field Report, Jamie T, LAPD, Perfume Genius, Foxes In Fiction, Michael Rault + recent discoveries like Bryant Eugene Vazquez, Palace, Boat, Caroline Says + Chet Faker and a million friends doing a kick ass cover + even more).

And while you're listening, remember to remember: music makes all our lives a bit more bearable, but the continued making of that music requires all of us listeners to give a little love back (whether that be by buying the artist a metaphorical pint, turning your friends on to them, or even just letting the artist know you dig… anything beyond secret appreciation goes a long way).


Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 27

It's Friday again… so here's another 4 albums from my Bandcamp Collection that I think you should take a few minutes to give a listen to. If you haven't already that is. I think I've mentioned each of these albums on the blog 1 or 2 times before… but I guess that's one of the reasons I started doing this weekly feature; too often we are 'over' an album before the new music smell has even started to wear off, so it is nice to throw a few 'older' things back out into the daily stream of brand new content. Plus, some things are worth mentioning more than once.

A 14 track compilation from one of the best record labels going these days… what's not to love? Favorite track: Euphoria Again - Change.

I have no idea what Ruspo is singing about on this excellent album… which makes it a great addition to my ‘listen to while reading/thinking’ repertoire. Favorite track: EUA

There is just something very philosophical about a 'guitar only' album. This is especially true when that 'guitar only' album has songs titled ‘enter blinded oedipus’ and ‘Heraclitus Descended’. With no lyrics to dissect or words to influence your train of thought, the brain is left to scratch its own head. Which is what this album gets me doing. Favorite track: Cornhuskers.

As the name would suggest, EP2 is the second ARMS EP. But what the name doesn't suggest (so I'll say it) EP2 is just as excellent as the first one. Favorite track: Comfort.

Remember to come back next Friday for the exciting continuation of this weekly feature. You can also check out / follow my Bandcamp Collection and stay one step ahead of these posts (if that's your bag) AND/OR you can also listen to my Bandcamp collection as a big ol' playlist over on Minilogs (not to mention an even bigger playlist of ‘available on Bandcamp’ goodness). And finally, you'll hear the above artists (and a whole bunch more) over on my 24hr internet radio station 'Mix Tape Radio by HI54LOFI'.


Baker - Prologue: The Farmer's Daughter EP

Some albums ooze a little bit more cool than others. This is one of them.

The boy / girl duo Baker recently put out the first of the multiple EPs to be released from their recent recording session, and if the first 5 tracks are any indication of what the rest of this project will sound like, then you're going to want to be hitting the 'Follow' button on their Bandcamp page so you're first in line for the rest. There's not a dud on here. In fact, more than 'not a dud', all the tunes are 'really excellent'. A perfect thing to put on in the late hours of a hot summer night, which conveniently enough, is exactly the time of year we are in now.

Pop over to their Bandcamp page and pick this one up.