Episode 46 - Breathe Owl Breathe / Neil Young / Advance Base

Episode 46 of the Mix Tape Radio show went up online on Monday, so today I start my 'a few tracks at a time' ramblings about all the tracks that were featured on the episode. So plug in your headphones (or not) and go click on the play buttons below…

|| (00:00:26) Breathe Owl Breathe - Own Stunts ||

It wasn't planned, but Episode 46 —which, if you check the calendar, is a mix that arrived in November— opens with a track (this track) that has the line “moustache covers my lower lip, no one can tell that I'm trembling” repeated a few times. As you probably know, and as I was reminded of by a frightening picture text from my brother, November has became the month with the highest frequency of moustache sightings. Well ain't that a coincidence.

|| (00:28:53) Neil Young - Helpless (live at Massey Hall) ||

These days, it seems most conversations about Neil Young have to do with Pono and The Toblerone Music Player. Who knows what will ever come out of that, but hopefully a run-off from all that jabber will be more young'uns discovering Young's amazing back catalogue of undeniably amazing songs. Like this one, which, gun to the head, is probably my favourite of his (and this live version is a real throat lump generator).

|| (00:47:09) Advance Base - Lodi (CCR cover) ||

When I got a Bandcamp notification that Advance Base had put a new album up, I was excited. When I saw / heard the first track was a cover of CCR, I was sold. If you haven't already, you should go pop over to the Camp of Band and add this gem —which features some demos and more sweet covers, including a cover of that Neil Young character I mentioned above— to your collection (it's great and has a 'pay what you like’ price tag, so no need to ponder too much about it).

Congratulations… you made it to the end of this post! If you haven't already, you should totally scroll back up and give the 3 tracks some of your ear time. Maybe even buy the artist a metaphorical pint. And while we're listing things you should do if you haven't already, you should also probably go listen to the episode that these tracks feature on. Ok? Ok.


Mix Tape Radio Show | EPS 031 - 045

Alright. So my vacation in Portugal is now officially over. Which means I am back in Nottingham and will be making / posting a brand new episode of the Mix Tape Radio show in the very near future (and then talking a bit about the music that was featured on the episode in the days that follow the episode posting… and then doing all that over again a couple of weeks after).

But since I usually post episodes on Monday, and since I still haven't posted the 3rd “let's take a little look back at some of the music featured in the first 45 episodes of the show” 8tracks mix on the website yet… well, you already know where I'm going with this (I guess having the mix tape posted above the writing sort of gives it all away).

So I will stop blabbering words onto the computer screen now, and instead just recommend that you press the play button on that 8tracks mix up there (or over here) and reward your ears with the 50 ace tracks that have been plucked from episodes 31 to 45.

PS - you can listen to all the episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show over here, and/or you can download them all over on iTunes.


Mix Tape Radio Show | EPS 016 - 030

The other day I mentioned that I was currently away on vacation. This is still true (but no need to be too jealous, the weather in Portugal hasn't been that great so far). I also mentioned that I would not be posting a new episode of the Mix Tape Radio show until I got back to England. But since I've taken a couple 'blog vacations' in the not too distant past, I decided to prepare some 8tracks mixes that could be easily posted whenever I found a moment to hop online.

Well, as we wait for breakfast to digest before heading out on our bikes, I guess I'm having one of those moments now. So here is part 2 of the three part 8tacks mix collection that takes a look back at some of the music featured in the first 45 episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show (this mix looks back at episodes 16 to 30).

So, press play and enjoy.

PS - you can listen to all the episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show over here, and/or you can download them all over on iTunes.


Mix Tape Radio Show | EPS 001 - 015

I'm away on a little vacation (I know, again), so instead of putting together Episode 46 of the 'Mix Tape Radio' show and then failing to create posts for the music on that episode... I decided to make some 8tracks mix tapes that provide a little look back on the past 45 episodes.

So, this first 8tracks mix is made up of 50 tracks that were played on the first 15 episodes. Of course, this is just a small sampling of all the music that was played in the first 15 episodes, but it still will give you a pretty good idea of the good tunes you may have foolishly missed out on (I mean, you can listen to all the episodes over here, or even download them all over on iTunes).

I would write some more, but the wifi in our hotel room is spotty at best. So press play and enjoy the above mix (even if you've listened to all the episodes before, it's still a pretty enjoyable 50 track mix to have in the ol' headphones for a couple hours).