Shakey Graves - And The War Came

I know. I have posted Shakey Graves' tune Dearly Departed on this here blog before. And another time before that. But it's not my fault.

You see (or rather hear), it is a really good tune. But also… every time I've posted it, the song has sounded quite a bit different than the last. Which is exactly the case again, but on top of that, this post is also about: “holy shit, there is a new Shakey Graves album coming out soon and you can totally pre-order it now!” (and it just so happens that the first single is a tune I've already blabbed on about how great it is).

In fact, this is probably the most different that I've ever heard Shakey Graves sounding. His previous releases have all had that 'recorded live / very DIY' feel, and when you combine listening to those records with watching (and re-watching) the 100's of Youtube videos out there (you know, the ones that never fail to leave you more than a little slack jawed in awe of his crazy one-man-band talent), you kind of come to expect everything you hear from him to a layer of dirt on it and not too many hands helping out (except some of his own many hands).

So when you press play on this first excellent taste off the upcoming album, it really hits you that, for lack of a better way of saying it, “Shakey's done made himself a proper studio album”. And I don't mean that in a bad way. As much as I love the previous albums lo-fi charm (and who doesn't love this or this?), I really dig this version of Dearly Departed and it makes me super excited to hear what else he's been cooking. Because all signs point to And The War Came being a lot different sonically. But all signs also point to it being really damn good.

In Shakey We Trust.

(ps - in case you couldn't guess, this song is also my jam this week)



Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra - Well Soon

It was only earlier this year that I first discovered Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra, and since the last album he had put out was from 2011, I jumped to the conclusion that this was an excellent DIY bedroom act that stopped making music. Because conclusion jumping is what I do sometimes instead of research (it's much faster). Also, he didn't have a Twitter, so I figured it a closed case.

So when I received an email from Bandcamp informing me that there was a new album from Walter Mitty, I was pleasantly surprised. And after getting through the first few songs, I was even more pleasantly surprised because the album is really excellent. It's slightly more polished than the previous ones, but not in a way that loses any of the wide eyed bedroom punk charm that makes a Walter Mitty album so damn enjoyable. And that's exactly what this album is: damn enjoyable.

Something about it makes me feel nostalgic, but I haven't quite clocked what exactly that is. I feel like it is probably because I used to listen to a lot of punk music in high school —admittedly, not 'proper punk', but probably what would be considered more 'pop punk'— and then a little after high school that whole Napster / Kazaa / file sharing thing came about and I remember getting really into unplugged / acoustic versions of those same punk songs from my high school years. Or maybe it is the kazoo and whistle solos. Or maybe the lyrics about getting high / fucked up.

I don't know, I'm not psychiatrist. I just know that Well Soon is a pretty sweet collection of tunes and you should totally go get it.

(ps - you can also hear my favourite track off this album on the latest episode of Mix Tape Radio)



Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 28

Give or take a few crazy time zones, it's Friday again. If you've been here before, then you know that below all of this jibber jabber you'll find 4 albums from my Bandcamp Collection that I think you should take a few minutes to give a listen to (and probably add to your own collection). Now, I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but over here in Nottingham we're in the midst of heat wave, so these 4 albums are all hot weather approved. In fact, I specifically mention 'summer' in 2 of the descriptions and 'pool' in the other… and the ScotDrakula one is what I would be blasting from my car stereo with the windows down, you know, if I had a car (a conclusion I came to after hearing many a bro blasting really lame music out of their expensive rides these past few days).

Grab this album and turn reading a book on the bus into reading a book by the pool (healthy imagination also required). Favorite track: Handholding.

Think I'll be listening to this one a lot this summer. Favorite track: Birds Dont Sing.

A perfect thing to put on in the late hours of a hot summer night, which conveniently enough, is exactly the time of year we are in now. Favorite track: Owl.

If you are a fan of dirty and raw punk n‘ roll, the stuff that sounds like it has just been freshly scraped off the floor of a garage, you'd be hard pressed to find a better album from 2012 than this one. Favorite track: Aint Scared.

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