Still Fishing…

So, in theory, I got back from my vacation almost 2 weeks ago —well, I guess that is not really 'in theory' so much as it is 'in reality'— yet this blog has been sitting mostly dormant. Besides a new episode of the Mix Tape Radio show and a quick post about the latest from Old Amica… I haven't got around to posting about anything. Not that there hasn't been anything to post about. I guess I've just been questioning whether to jump straight back into the routine I've developed (post a mix tape, post an album, post a track, post a post, post 4 albums from my Bandcamp collection… share on social media sites & repeat the next week) or try and come up with a more useful / enjoyable / manageable way of dealing with those unfortunate urges to share what I like / have been thinking about. As you can probably guess, I haven't figured that out yet.

I just know that trying to keep up this website (and twitter and tumblr and facebook and Bandcamp and Soundcloud and radio station and radio show and even more things, some things I sometimes forget I even started doing), all the while seeing a whole bunch of other people doing similar things, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. But even more then feeling overwhelmed myself, I've been wondering more about how little the majority of other people really need such a constant and continual stream of “hey, check this out” from multiple sources, on multiple platforms, multiple times a day.

Or rather, I wonder how much I want to be a part of that daily onslaught. After all, I've got a really small base and it's just me doing it, so I think I need to stop trying to pretend like those two things aren't my reality. So it's a visit back to the drawing board to figure out which things to focus my limited free time on, and trim away the excess unnecessary.

Because I recently read and related to this Clickhole article about unnecessary blogger guilt, I've been very self aware about whether to even bother with this sort of 'explanation post', but as the days go by without any posts and another little vacation coming in 2 days, I figured I'd throw something up here just in case anyone was wondering (but also, I could use a bit of a brain dump).

And maybe after I get back from Barcelona, and spend some time hanging out with old friends / musical acquaintances, I'll figure out a plan for this HI54LOFI thing going forward.

Or maybe I'll need a to do a few more brain dumps.



Old Amica - Drone and Hum

I'm not sure if you've all noticed, but Old Amica have been building up quite the lovely little discography over the last year or so. Well, only a few months after dropping the lovely Fabula, they've just put out an entirely instrumental album called Drone and Hum… and no surprise, it is also a lovely listen. I think it will be especially well suited for having in the headphones on an upcoming airplane ride I'll be taking in about a week, so I've been pumping the brakes on giving the album more listens until then (as my first listen was during a walk home from work, and it occurred to me how much better suited this album would be when staring blankly out a window, rather than while cursing the long hill before our street).

You can and should pick up Drone and Hum over on the Old Amica Bandcamp page for whatever price you fancy. You can also pick up all their other albums for that same price. So if you haven't already, go fill your pockets with the gorgeous tunes these two collaborative Swedes have been knocking out on a very regular and much appreciated basis.