I'll be straight with you, I've always wanted to have my own radio station. And before the internet existed (or at least, before I knew it existed), this want manifested itself in a bit of an obsession with making mix tapes. Well, I've now been aware of the internet for many years… and below you'll find some of my attempts of merging that mix tape obsession with something that kind of resembles a radio station.


24 Hour Stream Of ‘Mix Tape Radio’ Now Available…

(the 24hr Mix Tape Radio station is back! so please listen & tell your friends to do the same)

To tune in to this station of HI54LOFI approved tuneage, all you need is an internet connection. You can either press play on the above player (or pop it open as a new window), or you can listen to the stream in iTunes / Windows Media Player / Winamp / etc (just download and open the M3U stream in whatever music player you prefer to use). You can also get the Radionomy app for your iphone or android and listen to Mix Tape Radio on there (just search for 'HI54LOFI'). Or you can listen here or here. And you can also listen on Tunein (and they also have iPhone and Android apps).Also, you can see what's playing / what just played over on the MXTP RADIO Twitter account.


Other Mix Tape Radio "Channels"

Every 2 weeks I make a 1 hour mix tape of some of my favourite tunes, which you can stream on Mixcloud & download on iTunes.

There's a lot of great music on Bandcamp, so I like to use Minilogs to keep track of  the stuff I like. Which makes for a nice radio.

Every now and again I put a little mix tape together over on the wonderful radio alternative that is 8tracks.

I've been making playlists on Spotify (and  continuing to add to them). If Spotify's in your country, press play.

If you'd like your music considered for any of the above 'Mix Tape Radio' channels, shoot me an email at:

jeremy [at] hi54lofi [dot] com