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Fandcamp 213: Hurtling Through

“And then, totally out of the blue, my fave indie folk artist releases a rekkid with my fave indie rock artist. And, I'm like, TRIPLE PLUS WOW! The synergy is astounding...” - DJ Shaz

If you like what you hear… click that 'buy' button and add it to your Collection. And you should probably check out / follow that fan's Collection as well (good odds there'll be similar gems to discover + following similar ears on Bandcamp makes for a gooder Music Feed). And here is my Bandcamp Collection if you fancy having a poke around there. Don't have a Fan Account? Go fix that pronto -> https://bandcamp.com/fans.

One last thing… I made a handy Minilogs playlist featuring every Fandcamp album that gets featured, so go press play on that ever growing collection of goodness and throw it on shuffle and happy Bandcamping you crazy kids!

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