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Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 024


Writing the 'intro' to each episode is the hardest part. I guess that's why I don't talk on the show.

As soon as I start trying to put into words why I decided to include a track… I really realize how low my skills are in the “Describing Why” category. Every song on EPISODE 024 of 'Mix Tape Radio On FRUK' (and any other episode) is selected for a bunch of reasons, but after the almost universal reasoning of “I've been listening to this a lot”, there is a long list of quite random and nonsensically weighted reasons. But the important part is the end result. And this one turned out quite nice.

So please give the whole thing a listen and hopefully you'll agree that the most important reason was how well they all sounded when played in the same hour together…

But if you need a bit of coaxing before pushing that play button (i.e. if you still haven't)… I'll just add that hearing the vocals of Tiny Ruins bleed into a lush new Mutual Benefit track is not a bad way to start any hour of any day. Plus, there's my favourite track from Doc Feldman's wonderful DIYtrotter Session. And a track from the wonderful and free EP from Streets Of Laredo.  And there's a Bill Callahan track. And that Beta Band track responsible for one of the best scenes from one of the greatest movies ever. Otis Redding. Thrupence. Aidan Knight. That Moby + Damien Jurado track that kind of sounds like Bon Iver. And More…



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Also, if you are looking for a little more music to get you through the day, you can always swing by the HI54LOFI Mixcloud page and listen to all 24 episodes of the show. Or, swing by iTunes and download the last 23 shows (Episode 24 will go up on iTunes in the next week or so… so wouldn't be a bad idea to click the subscribe button while you're there).  And of course, there is also the 24hr stream of tunes that is the Mix Tape Radio internet radio station.


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