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Mix Tape Radio on FRUK: Episode 031


It took 31 episodes, but it's finally happened… 1 song has ended up on more than 1 episode. Although that's not entirely true. Way back in Episode 19, a live version of Benjamin Shaw's ‘Goodbye Cagoule World’ was included in the show, and now this episode features the album version of that same track (although, he's spelt ‘cagoule’ differently on the single from his upcoming album, so maybe it's not the same track after all). There's a bunch of other great tunes on here as well, including some live “country music”, some new Beck, 2 tracks from Gold Flake Paint's brilliant singles club (the Old Amica & Princess Reason ones - so you really should sign up to the club, cause that's the only place you can get those tracks, not to mention the upcoming singles that will also be ace), and… well, maybe just clear your musical calendar for the next hour and press that play button, because I'm sure listening to what's on the mix is funner than hearing me list it off.

Hope you enjoy what you hear… and if you do, please hit those Heart & Share buttons and pass this show on to anyone you know that has the same fine taste in music as you.




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Finally, please remember to remember the following: music makes all our lives a bit more bearable, but the continued making of that music requires all us listeners to give a little love back (whether that be by buying what we like or even just the simple act of spreading the word / letting the artist know how much you dig it). Anything beyond silent appreciation goes a long way.


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