Welcome to HI54LOFI… home to all of the things that interest some guy who doesn't have the work ethic or skills to do or pursue any of those things in a meaningful enough way to not have to also have a real job that has very little to do with those interests. You know, kind of like 99% of the world. And just like that other 99%, for some reason I decided I should have my own website.

On this site you'll find failed attempts at blogging, running a 24 hour internet radio station, making lots of mix tapes (and even more mixes). So if that sounds like your type of thing, then you should stick around here for awhile.

(below you'll find a few suggestions on what to do while you're here)

Try The 24 Hour Internet Radio Stream… 

 or not… I guess Radionomy has shut this station down due to not enough daily listeners :(

Unfortunately, for the less than 130 hours/day of you that did listen to this 24hr stream of HI54LOFI approved tuneage… the station has been shut down by Radionomy (the service that the station was hosted on). I guess that means I need to have a think about whether I'll be putting in the time to get another station up and running, and if so, whether to use Radionomy again for it (although, from past looking into running a station, the alternatives to not using Radionomy are even more work and really expensive, especially when compared to the $0 price tag that came with Radionomy). Until then, I guess you can get your fix through listening to one of the many episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show. Bummer.

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